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Humanizing Media & Marketing in the 'Experience Economy'

Thank you so much to Aimann Rasheed for having me on the #TechTonic podcast for Eisner Amper.

Click the image to watch or read on...

Here are 12 hot takes you might like or debate :)


💡 If you’re a brand leader, media producer or CMO you’re already sitting on content gold. Take a different look instead of rushing to create something new.

💡The essence of PARTICIPATION is PLAY. So are you creating ways for your customers and audiences to PLAY with your brand or narratives?

💡We can keep producing all the passive linear content in the world, but its not innovative. It’s not two way engagement, its the same as day one of radio and TV.

💡Think of a two-way narrative structure whether its interactive video, live interactive, story chaining with user -generated video feedback for starters..

💡AI is human made. It’s a great opportunity in efficiency and creating room to be more creative. The fears are the same as the advent of electricity, cars, internet, crypto. It’s humans you need to fear more :)

💡AI has been around a long time in business, in marketing, in media. Now the high growth of efficiency tools are amazing opportunities.

💡AI fear will give way to understanding of the human role in media, marketing and community engagement. Experience over attention. Attention is done.

💡Human experience seems to now be at a premium! Our faces in the sun, feet on the grass, looking after our bodies and minds, eating real foods! Feels like we’ve come full circle.

💡Going viral isn’t a strategy. You can’t prescribe going viral. You can use triggers and contextual Hotpoint’s to bring something 60% of the way but after that its ‘viral’ and out of your control or its not.

💡The best way to engage online is to invert your brand. ‘Give it’ to the audience. The top 10 brands in the world have known this for years. Now on a web 3 pathway, there are so many new ways to do that!

💡The volatile environments of cryto, metaverse, nft, AI will all settle into a form that breeds more confidence and some new paths out of the current contractions and dangers of social media.

💡Stay human and authentic. Be platform agnostic, create your layers and layers of content formats, channels, two way mechanics and the constant feedback loop with your audiences and customers to drive scalable value both ways.


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