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Re-imagining IP Strategy 

Amplification Strategy

Stories need new life

We help you re-imagine how to create, engage and monetize your media content IP with world-class STRATEGY and a robust ACTIVATION plan.



Content Strategy

PlayhumanX is our strategy division which helps Creators and Media Brands to plan, ideate and roadmap content series, formats, events, engagement, commerce and growth.
Importantly, we do not advocate starting from scratch.
You have incredible existing content that can be recycled into
new plays.
Our Strategies are not for the shelf, they are living breathing activation plans with details on every aspect of creative, technical and commercial.

Content Activation Plan


Content Strategy

Engagement Strategy

At the core of our Strategic work, we always focus on what your audiences wants, how they will engage and most importantly, how they can participate in your content narratives. We employ successful methodology to help you engage eye-level, two-way with creative and technical innovation.


Community Growth

Community Engagement

Growing your community on Playhuman is vital. But we have a trick. We do not insist on staying 'onsite' and without Ad-models we are under no pressure to keep your content here. In fact, its a win-win for community scaling to have an open-gate policy where you can on and off-ramp content to anywhere, allowing your community growth to flourish.


Remember too that Playhuman is an aggregator so your content is exposed to millions of fans from other Neworks by default. 



Content Monetisation

Plans for Creators and Media Brands are nothing without an innovative and sound commercial strategy. Monetizing content is the game we are playing together and there are so many ways to build revenues within and without of Playhuman. We plan the revenue models in detail with a typical focus on building complexity slowly.


Line to Spiral Methodology


Our renowned content engagement methodology is called 'Line to Spiral'

What it focuses on is recycling, repointing, multi-channel distribution, user-generated feedback loops and aggregation, underpinned by understanding and empowering the audiences with creative and technical innovation as default.


Scaling is not as hard when you apply our principles.


Software Tools

Content Formats

Applying the right software tools from both our own armoury such as our 'Majiik' tool kit, but also 3rd party tools has never been more important. As overwhelming as it might be, we focus minds on your strategic goals, our methodology and the right tools for the right job. 

We help you apply these tools to improve creativity, formats, engagement and monetisation as part of the work we do with you.

Monetizing content at scale

Creator in action

Create & Grow

Our strategies map out your new digital content ecosystem, letting you focus on monetizing your future-proof media brand.


Playhuman is the natural evolution of how we tell, receive and grow global stories that connect us to what is most important, our humanity.

Aaron Wahle, Entertainment Marketing Expert

Creator Strikes Back

Turning 'Casino'
to 'Economy'

Endless ways to earn

We  provide new strategic & commercial content models to drive multiple new revenue streams and dramatically scale your digital engagement and growth potential. Turning the Creator 'Casino' into an Economy you can thrive in!

Powered by 

PlayhumanX is our strategy division. We focus on helping Creators and Media Brands plan to succeed using world class methodology and creative and commercial expertise.

Our team delivers easy to follow activation plans that map out every step of the journey to combine creative, technical and commercial focus to power your brand. 

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Driven by the 
'Line to Spiral

We have developed the 'Line to Spiral' methodology over a number of years. It's core components are based on transforming linear content into multiple series of varied formats, multi-channel distribution, user-generated content, feedback loops and aggregation strategy to fast-scale and drive unstoppable momentum of your media brand.

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