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Extending narratives into immersive content experiences

Metaverse Interactive

Optimised human experiences

Our virtual space transforms your content engagement onto a whole new level where audiences become players and creators inside the world of your extended narratives.



Content Hub, Virtual Event, After-Show...

PlayhumanXR is the virtual, mixed reality and metaverse division. We focus on extending content formats and narratives in virtual spaces beyond linear TV, Cinema, Events and Digital Series. 

With our partners MILC, we build bespoke designed space to mirror or extend your audiences content experience from a premium 'content event' so you can use your virtual space as a wrap around, an after show, a dedicated space or a longtail hub for your media brand to engage deeper! 

Virtual Spaces


Game play

VIP Content & Exclusive Access

Extending into the virtual world must have clear value to your brand and to your audience. Typically content is VIP only, access-led, exclusive, live, interactive, user-generated, competition based and more. Your content is precious and extending into the virtual world should be special, complimentary and hold the same magic!


Live & Interactive

Live Streaming Virtual

Having live stream content inside your virtual world makes it that little bit more special. Dedicated screens, multi-casting across the space, interactive live streaming with chat and communications, live 'treasure hunting' for fans, can all add to an extra special experience to delight them with.


Digital Assets Galore

Virtual Commerce

PlayhumanXR is not only extending video content and immersive experiences inside your space. We are also focused on exclusive digital assets to enrich the user-experience, from having rooms, galleries, buildings, transport, beaches, town squares and virtual stadia, but also assets like NFTs, Downloadables, 3D art, merch, clothing, premium content, the possibilities are endless.

Virtual Commerce



There are so many ways to monetise PlayhumanXR. You can create virtual passes at set or variable rates for access to certain exclusive areas in a freemium model, unlocking features and layers according to virtual pass level. You can sell anything in the virtual shop, connect to NFT marketplaces, offer premium content and more.


Longtail Value

Journey through metaverse

When your 'show' is over, you pack up and go home. With PlayhumanXR you don't have to. The Show can go on and on for as long as you have imaginative ideas of what to have inside it!

The longtail value is clear and in many ways the proof is when the virtual space takes on a life of its own beyond your 'show'.  We are always improving, adding, upgrading so no technical, creative nor engagement barriers exist.

Virtual Media

Driving engagement to new dimensions

Mind-Blowing blended Reality

Wrapping virtual content experiences around your media brand drives engagement, community growth and commerce off the charts...


 "I am beyond excited to see how Playhuman will change the creator landscape and close the gap between social media and reality".

Lisa Guldenaar, POV Creator Agency

Creator Strikes Back

Turning 'Casino'
to 'Economy'

Endless ways to earn

We  provide new strategic & commercial content models to drive multiple new revenue streams and dramatically scale your digital engagement and growth potential. Turning the Creator 'Casino' into an Economy you can thrive in!

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PlayhumanXR is our metaverse division focused on extending narratives, heightening interactive experiences and driving huge new revenue potential to our Creators, Media brands and Media Owners. 

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Pushing human experience beyond 

Passive linear content has its value and place. At Playhuman we love to push beyond and bring your amazing content IP with you into new Web 3.0 frontiers.

Audiences are hungry to play.

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