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Building an academy for innovation and learning 

Creator Dancer

Pushing the limits of creative futures

Not only do we partner with Creators, Media Brands and Media Owners, we also create Academy spaces and places for R&D, innovation, new ideas, thought leadership, learning and collaboration worldwide. 



Training & Skills

Playhuman2 focuses on providing training courses for creators, producers and storytellers from all backgrounds and experience.

We provde hands on workshops online training and collaborative R&D learning. We run courses in Virtual Production, Vertical, Wide and 360, traditional filmmaking, the very lates in digital filmmaking and on the very latest narrative, technical and next-gen techniques.

Playhuman Methodology


Group Learning

Academy Pop-Ups

We're coming to a city near you! Playhuman2 loves real human connection and we run in person pop-ups of our Academy worldwide. Our Pop-ups are focused on collective creativity, focusing on innovative and real outcomes for individuals and groups.


Creator Hacks

Creative Collaboration

We love a hack! Taking a problem real or imagined onsite at events, pop-ups, institiutions or studios and spending time with curious, creative minds to develop solutions the world has never seen yet! It's all about practical working, thinking and visual outcomes.


R&D Programmes

Online Learning

We are all about the new, the next, the re-imagined. We work collaboratively in our Academy with Studios, Creators, Media brands and Academic institutions to build R&D programmes to funnel new ideas and move them into production in the real world.

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Future Devs

For our Network we always want to work on the next thing, based on ideas, feedback loops, collective creative thinking and engaging with our creators and partners. Our core technology is called 'Majiik' and its ability to change content experiences from a click, a gesture, a command is something we want to collaborate on forever! 


Thought Leadership

Quinn Buchanan - CTO

Our workshops, Pop-ups, training courses in real world and online have a special component every time. We engage with experts, change-makers and disruptors to tell their stories, open up their toolbox and to collaborate with our brilliant new minds. Hearing it from a leader can inspire people to be the next one.

With brilliant partners like Satore Studios

Education Leaders

Smashing traditional & digital skills together to create the future

We Learn By Doing

This isn't education, this is creation, disruption and elevation of ideas around future storytelling and engagement with audiences who we want to turn into creators too.

Creator Strikes Back

Turning 'Casino'
to 'Economy'

Endless ways to earn

We  provide new strategic & commercial content models to drive multiple new revenue streams and dramatically scale your digital engagement and growth potential. Turning the Creator 'Casino' into an Economy you can thrive in!

Powered by 

Our focus on the next generation of storytelling technology, ideas, formats, engagement methodology drives our Academy. We want people to learn from each other, from the best, from the next.

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Driven by
Storytelling futures

Playhuman is led by serial disruptors, digital storytellers, innovation experts, writers, producers, game developers, technologists, creative mavericks, thinkers and collaborators who all want Creators, big and small to flourish in the next generation of Media Entertainment in the Creator Economy.

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