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Producing world class content formats that IMPACT


Video Shoot

Full Service Media Studios

Our studio team provides full-service production capabilities across all aspects of content creation - from creative concepts, pre-production and shoots, to editing, post-production, VFX and distribution.


Film, TV, & Digital Formats

We shoot, edit and recycle to create new content series around Premium TV, Film & Digital assets turning them into micro, short, mid, hybrid, live, 2D, 3D content for multi-channel engagement for creators and media brands.

Live Action Shoot


Production Set

Interactive & Multi-Channel

We create interactive narratives and multiple formats from premium core assets for mobile, web, live, virtual, smart devices and streaming services, turning linear content into 360, diverse assets to drive new content experiences.


Virtual & Immersive

Web 3.0 Creator

We create virtual media including live stream, VR, AR, XR, interactive, gamification, NFT Studios, virtual spaces, virtual production & Web 3.0 media for creators and media brands to extend traditional formats into mixed realities.

Data Storytelling

Digital Narratives

Live Streaming




Short, Mid & Micro

Virtual Production

3D & Virtual Reality

Post Production

Creator skills

Amazing Formats that pay

Fresh Content, Engagement & Revenue

We work with you to create new original content, or to transform your existing content into new, multi-format assets & experiences - that boost interactive engagement and drive fresh monetization.


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Playhuman+ is our media production division which works with the very biggest media brands on how to extend their magic from the big screen.

We also work with emerging and established creator talent to push the boundaries of engagement with the savvy audiences who want to create too!

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Driven by
Digital Storytelling

Rules are made to be broken. At Playhuman we are always looking at fresh perspectives in creative, technical, innovative ways to re-tell or tell new narratives that empower audiences, that engage deeper and for longer. 

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