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All you need to do, is Plug 🔌 In ✅

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

After 15+ years of working with #mediabrands on digital formats, #digital engagement and #digitalstrategy you get to understand that often, due to operational structure, legacy process and systems, they can’t change as quickly or as much as you or they would like toward integrating not just digital thinking and digital channels but also thinking that #digitalnarratives should be central to all writers rooms and production meetings …

But fear not #producers #showrunner … 😁

After accepting this to be the case, myself and my colleague Harry Campbell set out to develop a #tvshow Format that would act as the turbo, the pentium core, the chip that you plug in to the centre of a traditional Tv Show - studio based and straight up and down.

To be clear - this isn’t a tv show that has a TikTok account and Instagram campaigns and the odd tweet ..

this is a truly hybrid Studio format that pulls in all digital channels, #creator #influencer #audiences and incorporates them into the show narratives seamlessly, deliberately and with incredible new possibilities…

We modelled it for Esports shows initially and have had incredible feedback from some of the worlds largest media brands but we are now taking to it to:

👉 Esports







👉Political/ Current Affairs

So producers and executives - we are happy to show and tell :)


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