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Did #Tiktok steal your lunch money? 🇨🇳 🇺🇸 🌎

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

If you're following the circus hearings in the US at the moment you're bound have realised what the game is here, right?

Tired old technophobes asking the #ceo of Tiktok how many children have died because of Tiktok! Does Tiktok 'access my wifi router' in my home etc etc..

🚩 Here it is in five points:

1) Facebook, Google and the other playground bullies have been taking your lunch money since they existed.

Everything about you, everywhere about you, every action about you, every person around you, every place that you are, where you are, where you've been, where you're going... we let it happen...

2) These kids are based in USA. Have made lots of other kids and their parents and the teachers lots and lots of money. Sure, they cause fights all over the playground and spy on people and bend the rules a little.. oh those cheeky scamps (head rub)

3) But then... there's a new kid arrives in school. Looks a bit different. He/She's not from around here.. talks funny, into kinda weird things, but fun.. and has all the dance moves...

4) The new kid, the one who's not from around here, doesn't steal the lunch money, they set up the damn tuck shop... everybody wants to buy from this kid... this kid has the coolest stuff.. the nicest candies and soon this kid is the most popular with everybody in the playground and lots of the parents too...

5) The playground bullies (from around here) don't like this. They try everything, even talking to the cool kid's parents... but the cool kids parents aren't having it... the cool kids parents know what the bullies (the ones from around here) are up to ...

So, the playground bullies (the ones from...) go the head teacher to complain. 'This kid isn't from around here'. They are taking all the lunch monies from the other kids... the other kids love them but we think this kid is making fun of us with their parents.. they don't like us.. they are up to something no good, against us, US, from here..

The head teacher is now currently interrogating the new kid... on suspicion that the playground bullies (from around..) maybe right.. the cool kid and his parents MUST be up to no good...

Don't worry, run along now you little scamps (head rub)

(playground bullies run off and continue to pull money away from all the kids in the playground while the new kid is being accused of playground bullying AND selling kids candy that rots their teeth (however much the kids enjoy it...)

📖 Action Point:

1- Think a little for yourself about what's going on.

2- Do your #research

3- Read your damn terms and conditions on your phones, on your google accounts, on your #facebook, #Instagram, #Twitter, and so on...

4- Make up your own mind and find the grey in the situation.


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