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Content is an Attitude ✊

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

You can read all the 5-step guides to making great #content and absorb all the patterns to break your content through algorithms and all the guard rails of multi-channel #marketing

But … your content needs an #attitude

here are some examples for you:

🤜 saying ‘enough is enough’ in anti bullying campaigns

🤜 telling young male drivers to wise up on the roads

🤜 telling citizens to change their behaviour to homeless people not toss a coin here and there

🤜Educating people on sexism, racism and toxic behaviours

🤜Challenging creators to go for it and don’t let anybody stop them

🤜Calling out big industry to change the status quo

whatever your story is, whatever story you are creating, do it with attitude and strength of purpose without fear, without regard for the ‘middle 60%’ …

Be brave ❤️🌎🤜✊✅ #contentmarketing #creatoreconomy #playhuman


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