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🤔 Are you sitting on #content gold?

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

I'm talking to you! #marketingdirector , #cmos , #brandowners , #producers , #Agency ClientManagers..

It is 2023, economies are crunching hard, budget meetings scheduled all over the boardrooms of the biggest #media brands to media owners, #brands and #creative agencies all over the world.

When we engage with any Media Brand, Owner or Agency about Digital #engagementstrategy, media #production or #campaigns the very first thing we've always asked is:

"What do you own today?"

When you're worried about budgets for the TV Ad, the product demos, the thought leadership series, the show, the promotional assets, the first thing you should do is consider what you have and hold today first, before considering any new spend.

Here's why:

All of your linear assets contain themes, threads, stand alone value, and a load of creative that didn't make the cut the first time around.

➡ For every theme, there are new assets

➡For every soundbite there's a new interview series

➡For every product sequence there's an extended asset

➡For every out take there's new assets

➡For everywhere path theres an interactive

➡For every live action sequence, there's VFX/GFX overlay work to be done

➡For every premium asset (commercial, tv, live stream, show, series, movie, ) there are huge amounts of aggregated content to develop from it...

➡For every existing and new asset there are platforms, virtual spaces and channels for distribution and engagement

➡For every theme there are new narratives in partnership with creators, client contributors, in-market experts...

and finally.. for all existing content there are new user-gen and two-way interactive and interaction formats to engage directly with your customers..

🙄 Stop looking at your content assets as single-hit assets, single channel assets...

⭕ They are a circular and continuous armoury of golden assets that need to be re-worked, re-formatted, re-imagined, and re-distributed and amplified multi-channel...

Then we can have the conversation about what is needed as 'new' to supercharge the circular model you've now adopted :)

We regularly rework assets for our client partners.

😎 Often, without lifting a camera we have driven 10s of millions of views of re-imagined content assets- connected directly to #sales sales.

In 2023 its worth taking a beat to re-imagine what you have before you worry about what you can commission next...


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