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Transforming how Media Brands, Media Owners and Creators engage, grow & monetise IP


The Creator Economy cannot stay under the control of Ad models and restrictive Algorithms.


Content should not remain  in only passive linear formats

It's time to free creators, big and small to create, monetise and scale their digital media brands and for their fans to be active participants not just passive audiences.

Partner with us

We work in the Creator Economy alongside Media Brands, Owners and Creators who need support to thrive.

Typically Big Media brands in TV, Film & Music sectors work with us to build better digital media businesses, including content strategy and recycling of core assets to drive more revenues.

Media Owners like Events companies, Sports organisations, Sector Bodies and Publishers partner with us to make more of their content IP and their large online communities.

Digital Creators who have over 250,000 followers come to us to reignite formats, community growth and new innovative monetisation ideas.

Talent Managers, Agencies and Producers come to us to make more of mainstream assets in the digital world. 

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We have a 3-step process we call the PLAYHUMAN PATHWAYYou can pick your entry point and we can help you resolve your unique set of challenges...

Music Producers

It's time to create your very own Digital Ecosystem where you are in control of your own content, community and commerce. 

This is 'POST SOCIAL'.


It's time to turn linear content into 'digital first' experiences. It's time to turn passive audiences into active participants in your media brand...

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You don't have to change the amazing things you do. You can just 'PLUG IN' to Playhuman.


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Wanna Play?

Belfast & London (UK & Ireland)

Atlanta (USA)

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