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It’s not about you. It’s about us.

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

When our Studios work with Marketing Directors, CMOs, Producers, Agencies, to develop content we COULD ask the following:

- Who are your target audiences?

- What messages do you want to send to them?

- What’s the creative you want?

- What does success look like?…

Yadda yadda…

But more important questions are:

- How do your audiences engage with content in reality?

- What content formats do they actually engage most with and HOW?

- Why should they take any actions at all and what should that action be?

- What value will they gain from doing so?

And then:

- What is the movement you are creating that will intrigue, delight and cause them to act, to create, to influence?

- What ROLE are you giving them to play in the moments and within the movement?

And here’s the first question to answer: ‘How will we give our brand away’?

The best long-play brands from Coca-Cola, Nike, to Apple all give their brands away… they invite their audience to become the story.

The best digital brands today have gone even further where audiences are active participants, creators, influencers and brand leaders...

So when you sit down to plan your campaigns and your content, remember to invert your brand, start with the stories that your audience will create, the moments they create, the #movements the joined up moments will create.

Then and only then, should you think about the #premium assets you will produce at the centre of that circle that will inspire action, creation and the start of a movement so powerful that it keeps generating and generating...

It’s not about you, it’s about us.


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