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"Audiences don't want to do anything other than watch"...

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

This was said to my face by probably the most senior #Media #entertainment executive I've ever met at one of the biggest Media brands in the world.

"Oh you're the marketing guy for this movie" said another...

"Twitter guys, twitter guys, make sure you don't 'twitter' the whereabouts of 'Celebrity x' on pain of death... said a producer...

"The last thing the world needs is another '#creators network'

"Quibi will blow all of you little players out of the water"

"If you're not big on social, you're nobody"

Friends, colleagues, well-wishers, we have reached milestone ONE. It has taken Twenty years, not two, it has taken hundreds of millions of views of our content, it has taken thousands of hours of getting it right, getting it wrong, huge digital successes and even bigger failures.. just to get here...

Where is here?

Here is that #Playhuman has a plan. It has a deep plan, a deeper vision, a group of world-class colleagues, friends and supportive people, a brand that means something in a time where the world is upside down... yet opportunity abounds in the creator economy... and we are finally getting ready to launch our network.

People are breaking stuff in #metaverse land, having fun with #AI, trying stuff with #nft and still waiting for crypto and blockchain to settle down.

Social Networks are scrambling for models that will stay relevant, that will scale, as more and more creators, media brands and media owners are calling them out for ripping the value clean out of the hard work put in by well meaning creatives, techies, innovators, free thinkers and entertainers..

We all seem to scrambling post-pandemic for something of meaning and of next level value...

Playhuman is just our version of that... its an idea that's becoming real.

Over the coming weeks we will be reaching out to our creator friends to engage and collaborate with us to get their work front and centre of our new network... it will be linear, it will be interactive, it will be live, it will be #virtual, hybrid, short, mid, micro, long... and it will be fun.

And we look forward to growing those relationships now and into the future.

On to the next milestone :)



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