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Relentless pursuit of  innovation in Storytelling

Media Entertainment Futures

Playhuman CEO & Founder, Matthew Scott is a leading International Keynote Speaker, Media Contributor and Thought Leader around Media Futures, Digital Storytelling, Audience Engagement and Content Technology.


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Creator Strikes Back

Playhuman is an Interactive Streaming Network focused on helping Creators and Media brands transform their creativity, their engagement, growth and monetisation.

Our Networks are self-managed, give incredible levels of creative freedom, revenue streams from multiple formats, places and space and also make it easy for fans to play and create too with the the central technology - Majiik

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Become The Story 

PlayhumanX is our Strategy Division which helps Creators and Media Brands re-imagine their formats, their approaches to engagment, monetisation and scaling. Our Strategy work is focused around our own methodology - 'Line to Spiral'.


Digital Engagement 

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Playhuman+ is our Media Studios division which delivers new live action, animation, interactive, VR, AR, 360, Live Stream, short, mid and micro content formats. We typically recycle from existing assets from Creators and Media brands.


Data Storytelling

PlayhumanXR is our immersive division focused on extending narratives, heightening interactive experiences and driving huge new revenue potential to our Creators, Media brands and Media Owners. 


Building a Digital Brand In 2024

Our focus on the next generation of storytelling technology, ideas, formats, engagement methodology drives our Academy. We want people to learn from each other, from the best, from the next.

It's all centred around our core 'play technology'

Majiik makes it easy to
play better

Making Play about Participation

Majiik is the new way to interact with content. Whether you're recycling content, creating interacitve content for two-way engagement or whether it's for the audience to control their experiences, Majiik is gong to change 'content play' forever!

I took this shot to catch the reaction of fans of Logic_ Everybody’s Tour expressing how t


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Powered by 

Playhuman is an Interactive Streaming Network based in USA & UK/Ireland.

We help Creators and Media brands transform their content formats, scale their communities faster and earn more while turning passive audiences into active participants in a Network where everyone gets to play.

Contact us:

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Driven by
Our Mission

Playhuman drives through the middle between Streaming Networks and Social Media Networks and compliments both sectors.


This lane is Web 3.0


We are focused on a Creator Economy that pays fair compensation to Creators and Media Brands. We are focused on removing Ad-models and removing restrictive algorithms that are throttling creativity, monetisation and growth for our people.

Playhuman is a Network that creates more value for all, unrestricted and that turns passive audiences into active players and creators through our 'Majiik' technology.

Wanna Play?

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Let's discuss YOUR Playhuman Network

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