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Taking back control of content and community

Powering the future of PLAY

Taking back control

Playhuman is an Interactive Streaming Network which helps Media Brands, Media Owners & Creators take back control of Content IP, Community and Commerce, moving beyond Social Networks towards Web 3.0 futures and a fair Creator Economy...

We are revolutionising content formats, fan enagagement  & monetisation models where you are in control...


Get the revenues you deserve and the creative freedom to scale faster...

Incredible content Experiences

We help transform linear formats & engagement models to create incredible new content experiences to delight and engage your audience better...

A-List Talent & Media Entertainment Brands

Changing passive to

Finally, a network which understands what 'social' media was meant to be and cares about it's creators....

Nova Lorraine, House of NOVA


New revenue streams, control, scale and endless monetization possibilities! 

Playhuman puts you in direct control of your revenues! No more restrictive algorithms, no more ad models, just multiple ways to earn from the content formats you wanna create! You can measure, analyse, commercialise and create all from your dashboard! 

Creator Dashboard


Setting up series

Create Series, Episodes, Lives, Interactives, Playlists & Shorts!

On Playhuman, you don't have to pick one content format, you can do them all without being throttled! Make Shows, Series, Playlists, vertical, horizontal, live, recorded, interactive, virtual, whatever you like! 


Get Live, Direct and Interactive
with your community now!

Live Streaming

You can monetize your live streams and away you go! Schedule and deliver live & direct from Playhuman. You can also send back to your Social Networks, you can communicate live with your audiences too and all live shows are recorded you to make series with!


Create interactive video challenges for two-way creation, instant engagement and magic!

Playhuman is on a mission to transform the relationships between Creators of all sizes and their fans. This dynamic should no longer be passive. You can do 'call and response' video interactives and video challenges to turn your fans into creators with you!

Adding series & episodes to your network
Trailers, Clips, Interactives, Video Challenges


Recycle, make long, wide, vertical, short, create whatever format you want!

Playhuman provides so many formats to play with from short 'Bites' to wide, long, mid, episodes, virtual, live, interactive and two-way video challenges. You can recycle and make new over and over again!


Be social, build communities a better way in Web 3.0 where everybody is a creator!

Playhuman has it's own Social Media engine that you can enjoy with your audiences. This helps them make new friends, post content, communicate and share ideas and best of all, become a creator too around their favourite creator brands without the typical dangers of Web 2.0 social media.

Social Media Feed


Extend your incredible formats into virtual environments!

PlayhumanXR is our Virtual world within the Playhuman Network. You can utilise existing content, make new content, live, interactive, 3D & Immersive in your own Metaverse space within the network. We also integrate NFTs, Crypto and Blockchain technologies to help you create, grow and monetize even more!

metaverse virtual world


Recorded Live Streams

The One Stop Shop for Creators & Media Brands...

Playhuman is a central destination for all kinds of content formats, engagement strategies, monetisation, communication and growth. You can integrate content directly from your other content channels and even send new content back out again to those channels directly from Playhuman in a frictionless manner.


Unrestricted Creativity!

Vertical Content 'Bites'

We are going to keep providing new tools, new formats, new places and spaces to play. We are creator-first in our focus, whether you're starting off your journey or whether you are a major media entertainment brand.


Playhuman is the Web 3.0 hub for the Creator Economy.

Creator strikes back

Turning 'Casino'
to 'Economy'

Endless ways to earn

We  provide new strategic & commercial content models to drive multiple new revenue streams and dramatically scale your digital engagement and growth potential. Turning the Creator 'Casino' into an Economy you can thrive in!

Network Categories

Playhuman has 12 broad content categories within which we house our creator networks. It's more of a matrix, where themes overlap from category to category creating a perfect user-experience for the content audiences to love!

I took this shot to catch the reaction of fans of Logic_ Everybody’s Tour expressing how t

Powered by 

Playhuman is constantly developing it's game-changing new Gateway, Device and Spatial technology to transform passive linear content into immersive and interactive content experiences...


Driven by 
Lead Humans 

Playhuman is led by serial disruptors, digital storytellers, innovation experts, writers, producers, game developers, technologists, creative mavericks, thinkers and collaborators who all want Creators, big and small to flourish in the next generation of Media Entertainment in the Creator Economy.

Love Projector Portrait
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